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Chengdu Taiyu Industrial Gases Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Chengdu Taiyu Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. is a leading specialty gases company in China. As the business grows continuously, in 2008 a Corporation Group was formed. The head of the Group is TYHJ who is Mainly aiming to research and development Specialty gases and Calibration Gases. Besides, There are over 1000 employees working in our 5 subsidiaries across mainland China, and one overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong. As an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated company, TYHJ exports products to more than 30 countries and regions.

On the basis of industrial gases, TYHJ focuses on specialty gases development, serves clients across China and in the world. TYHJ has full range of specialty gases, including electronic gases, high purity gases, mixed gases, electric lighting gases, ultra pure gases, laser gases, medical gases, calibration gases, a total of ten series of more than 100 varieties, with strong market competitiveness.  

Chengdu Taiyu Industrial Gases Co., Ltd.
  • Industrial Gases: Hydrogen H2, Oxygen O2, Nitrogen N2, Propane C3H4, Ammonia NH3, Carbon Dioxide CO2, Sulfur Dioxide SO2, Carbon Monoxide CO, Chloromethane CH3Cl
  • Medical Gases: Nitrous Oxide N2O, Carbon Dioxide CO2, Oxygen O2 and Air
  • Specialty Gases: Sulfur hexafluoride SF6, Ethylene C2H4, Hydrogen Sulfide H2S, Methane CH4, Hydrogen Chloride HCl, Nitrous Oxide N2O, Nitric oxide NO, Nitrogen Trifluoride NF3, Boron Trifluoride BF3, Tungsten Hexafluoride WF6, Hydrogen Bromide HBr, Boron Trichloride BCL3, Carbon Tetrafluoride CF4
  • Rare Gases: Argon Ar, Helium He, Neon Gas Ne, Xenon Xe, Krypton Kr
  • Refrigerant Gases: Ammonia R717, Difluoromethane R32, CH2F2, Trifluoromethane R23, CHF3, Hexafluoropropylene R1216, C3F6, Butane R600, C4H10
  • Mixture Gases/ Calibration Gases: NO/N2, He/N2, CH4/Ar, F2/He/Ne, B2H6/He, PH3/He
  • Equipment &Engineer: 1-800Ltr Steel Cylinders, Aluminum Cylinders, ISO/DOT Approved.
Chengdu Taiyu Industrial Gases Co., Ltd.

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