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Nasir Glassware

Yesteryears'dreamers are today's doers and so are we. We think of new projects, work out its cost-benefits, visualize its potentials and long term impact on the national economy taking full cognizance of its effects on our environment. Innovativeness is one of our key issues. If it turns out all for goods, we get down to work and no turning back, no matter what happens. We have done this time and again in the areas of plastics, melamine, keds (footwear), float glass, CFL lamps, etc. and now we are forging ahead for entirely a new project i.e very high grade glass tableware and glass tubing for fluorescent and energy savings lamps, never made before in Bangladesh. Our new projects in hands are Float Glass line, maize, starch, corn oil and feeds etc. Tobacco products are our old lines of manufacture.

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