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FSSAI have permitted the use of ethylene for ripening of fruits

May 16, 2019

For the first time the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have permitted the use of ethylene for ripening of fruits by the vendors in the State. The officials have raised awareness among the vendors in Koyambedu Flower, Fruit and Vegetable wholesale market regarding the use of ethylene in ripening of fruits.


Speaking to the vendors the FSSAI officials have stated that carbide ripened fruits on consumption cause several harmful effects to health of people. Instead, they have urged the vendors to use the ethephon as source of ethylene gas for artificial ripening of fruits. They have clarified that ethephon in powder form may be used a source of ethylene gas provided that it shall be packed in sachets and these sachets containing ethepon in powder form shall not come in direct contact with fruits. A detailed guideline on artificial ripening of fruits is available in FSSAI website.


The FSSAI has permitted the use of ethylene for ripening the fruits since a large number of fruits damage during transit from the farmers and damage during storage.



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