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10 Precautions during transportation of specialty gases(1)

Nov 15, 2016

Here I will share some precautions during transportation of specialty gases.

1. They should be transportated by dangerous goods car. Which are deliveried by factory directly with knowledgeable porters. Loading and unloading lightly.

2. Bottle cap must be worn to avoid the sudden braking and loading and unloading process in the car broke open bottle valve in danger, especially high-purity hydrogen and other flammable gas transport.

3. Prohibit high-purity oxygen, air and combustible gas mixed. No fireworks, which means of transport should be equipped with fire fighting equipment.

4. Summer transportation should be shading facilities, to avoid exposure.

5. There are specialty gases storage warehouse. Cylinders should be ventilated, clean, and protected from direct sunlight. Cylinders should be clearly marked with the words "cylinders stored" and indicate appropriate hazard labels (eg flammable, explosive, toxic, etc.).

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