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10 Precautions during transportation of specialty gases (2)

Nov 18, 2016

I continue to tell you the precautions during transportation of specialty gases.

Specialty Gases

6. There is a person who responsible for management, inspection and verification, registration and payment to be accountable.

7. Either the warehouse or the place of use, empty bottles and bottles should be placed separately, with clear mark. Toxic gas cylinders and gas bottles can cause contact with each other combustion and explosion, toxic gas cylinders should be sub-room storage, and set up in the vicinity of anti-virus appliances. We also need fire fighting equipment.

8. When place the bottle, you should wear a bottle cap on it. When placed to properly secure, to prevent falling bottles hit bad bottle valve.

9. Open-air cylinders should be used to protect against rust and erosion, inventory bottles to be regularly inspected, color, certificate, leakage, etc. If not clear, you should contact the manufacturer promptly. You need analysis and confirmation before use it.

10. In addition, the best gas procurement plan is that you should achieve the current purchase according to the actual needs of production. Which is used to prevent the use of expired cylinders, while reducing a lot of insecurity.

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