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How does Nitric Oxide work?

Nov 22, 2016

Nitric Oxide supplements are widely used for bodybuilding and athletic performance, which is also named as medical gases, but do they really work? "They won't pump up your muscles — their main claim, but 'nitric oxide' supplements may help you exercise intensely a little longer," says Tod Cooperman, M.D. Nitric oxide supplements don't actually provide nitric oxide, which is a gas, but generally contain L-arginine which can, in some people, increase nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, in turn, potentially increases blood flow to muscles and other organs.

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Many doctors reviewed the clinical studies of supplements used to increase nitric oxide in the body. It found no studies demonstrating a significant increase in muscle size or fullness with such supplements. However, supplements with L-arginine may increase intense exercise endurance in older and recreational athletes. In trained athletes the supplements appear to do little. L-arginine supplements may also be helpful in people with cardiovascular conditions such as angina or atherosclerosis. The specific dosages and other details are provided in a Nitric Oxide Supplements Review published online today for people.

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