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What is Sulfur hexafluoride using for?

Dec 26, 2016

Sulfur hexafluoride gases are known by more and more people. Here I will share you about 5 uses of SF6 gases.

Sulfur Hexafluoride Supplier

1. During the magnesium alloy process, sulfur hexafluoride gas or mixture gases (sulfur hexafluoride and nitrogen) often are used as a protective gas, whose purpose is to prevent the metal magnesium and alloys from air oxidation.

2. In the TFT-LCD panel plant and other microelectronics industry, sulfur hexafluoride is commonly used as a cleaning gas and etching gas. During the production process of optical fiber, sulfur hexafluoride is also commonly used as single-layer optical fiber isolation layer dopant.

3. In the field of air pollution monitoring and hydrogeological testing, sulfur hexafluoride is commonly used as a tracer. Because sulfur hexafluoride has a non-toxic, safe, stable nature, reliable testing methods, air and water content of less and other characteristics, sulfur hexafluoride is often used as a gas tracer, sulfur hexafluoride disappearance of up to 100km .

4. In the medical industry, sulfur hexafluoride is also used for ultrasound contrast, mainly liver tumor angiography. In the course of contrast-enhanced ultrasound, Sulfur Hexafluoride is mainly used as a safe contrast agent, after the intravenous injection of sulfur hexafluoride, the gas dissolved in the blood, every 12 minutes of sulfur hexafluoride gas can be discharged by breathing half way.

5. The chemical stability of sulfur hexafluoride, molecular weight (sulfur hexafluoride molecular weight of 146.06), its density is 5.11 times the air, into the car tires or basketball, football, will be able to maintain long-term stability of air pressure.

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