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How to make the body produce Nitric Oxide spontaneously?

Dec 27, 2016

TYHJ is a nitric oxide supplier in China, we can manufacture varies of gases and know the relative uses of them. 

Nitric Oxide Supplier

Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule of the cardiovascular system, which can contact with the arterial muscle cells, and let it relax, play a role in the expansion of blood vessels, and clear the blood flow.

Therefore, let the body produce nitric oxide, the key to do a good job in three steps:

The first step: intake of nitric oxide can produce nutritional supplements

Because the body's own production of nitric oxide is extremely unstable, Dr. Luisiganaro and Herbalife joint research and development of nitric oxide nutritional supplements - Nawoke powder. Naiwoke powder from arginine, citrulline, taurine, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid as the main raw material, these ingredients in addition to the body can help produce a large number of nitric oxide, but also has to help strengthen the heart Vascular system, the immune system and the nervous system health care function.

Step 2: Combine "pro-nitric oxide" in your daily diet

Arginine as the basis for the production of nitric oxide substances, a large number of protein-rich foods, such as nuts, beans and seafood. At the same time, there is another source of arginine - nitrate. We usually ingest nitrates from bacon and vegetables and fruits. The most nitrates are spinach, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, grapes, strawberries and root vegetables. Moreover, they can provide vitamin C, vitamin C can promote the production of nitric oxide in vivo.

The third step: combined with the amount of exercise

Nitric oxide production in vivo and aerobic exercise are also closely linked. Aerobic exercise not only can stimulate the body to produce nitric oxide, but also inhibit the oxidation of free radicals on the destruction of nitric oxide. In aerobic exercise, may wish to drink a naiwo powder, which not only can alleviate the physical fatigue caused by exercise, but also improve our hypoxia tolerance, let us feel fresh and comfortable.

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