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9 applications of Ammonia

Jul 14, 2017

Our company is Ammonia supplier. Packaged ammonia is used by a variety of industries for a wide range of applications.

Chemicals: Neutralising acid constituents of crude oil during the refining process.

Power & Energy: Purification of smoke gas in coal fired or oil fired power plants. With the presence of ammonia in a reactor the nitrogen oxides are converted into nitrogen and water while passing the reactor. In combination with chlorine, ammonia is also used for water purification.

Food & Beverage: As a source of hydrogen for hydrogenation of oils and fats.

Mining & Metallurgy: Extraction of copper, nickel and molybdenum from their ores. Also used as a protective atmosphere for metal heat treatment. For this process ammonia is 'cracked' in a furnace to produce a reducing atmosphere of hydrogen and nitrogen.

Pharma & Biotechnology: Ammonia is used as a processing agent in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Pulp & Paper: Substitute for calcium in the pulping of wood.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning: A natural refrigerant, often used in large industrial refrigeration systems.

Rubber & Plastics: Ammonia is used in the rubber industry for stabilisation of raw latex to prevent coagulation during transportation and storage.

Electronics: High purity ammonia is used for electronic and semiconductor applications.

Linde Engineering provides turnkey construction of many industrial plants, including large-scale ammonia production.

We are one of Ammonia suppliers, we can provide varies of specialty gases.

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