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An introduction of refrigerant gases

Jan 15, 2018

Refrigerant is the working medium of the refrigeration cycle. It utilizes the phase change of the refrigerant to transfer heat. Both the refrigerant absorbs heat when it is vaporized in the evaporator and radiates heat when it condenses in the condenser. Why easy liquefied gas can be used as a refrigerant? Because gas absorbs a lot of heat when it becomes liquid, it can be used as a refrigerant. It is just the opposite from liquid to gas, it will release heat.

As a China refrigerant gases manufacturer, we can wholesale China refrigerant gases such as r134a refrigerant, r141b refrigerant, r22 refrigerant, r410a refrigerant, r407c refrigerant, r600 refrigerant, r600a refrigerant and so on.

China refrigerant gases manufacturer

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