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Laser Gas Mixture
Laser Gas Mixture
Laser Gas Mixture

Laser Gas Mixture

    All of the gas worked as material of laser called laser gas. It is the sort on the world most, developing the fastest, application the widest laser. One of the most important characteristics of lasers gas is the laser work material is mixture gas or a single pure gas.


Component (%)

Balance Gas

He-Ne Laser Mixture Gas

2~8.3 Ne


CO2 Laser Mixture Gas

0.4H2+ 13.5CO2+ 4.5Kr


0.4 H2+ 13CO2+ 7Kr+ 2CO

0.4 H2+ 8CO2+ 8Kr+ 4CO

0.4 H2+ 6CO2+ 8Kr+ 2CO

0.4 H2+ 16CO2+ 16Kr+ 4CO

0.4 H2+ 8~12CO2+ 8~12Kr

Kr-F2 Laser Mixture Gas

5 Kr+ 10 F2


5Kr+ 1~0.2 F2

Sealed Beam Laser Gas

18.5N2+ 3Xe+ 2.5CO


Excimer Laser

25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 1F2


25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 5F2


25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 0.2F2


25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 5HCl


Industrial Agricultural Production:

It is widely used in industrial agricultural production, scientific research and national defense.

Medical Surgery:

It is used for medical surgery.

Laser Processing:

It is used for laser processing, such as metal ceramic cutting, welding and drilling.

According to customers’ demand.

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