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    What We Do?

    We offer the full scope from protective and fuel gases for welding over rare gases to calibration gas mixtures and high-purity gases. Furthermore, we cover liquid gases and a wide range of refrigerant gases. All of these products are available in sizes, purities and pressures according to the needs of customers from the retailer to the large enterprise – scaling from low-volume cylinders over high-capacity tanks.

    Main Products:
    Fuel Gases CH4、C2H2、CO、
    Welding Gases Ar-He、Ar-H2、Ar-O2、Ar-CO2、CO2、O2、N2、H2 、Ar-He-CO2、Ar-He-N2、
    Liquid Gases C2H4、SO2、CO2、NO2、N2O、C3F6、H2S、HCl、BCl3、BF3,SF6
    Calibration Gases CH4-N2、NO-N2、H2S-N2、CO2-N2、SF6-N2、SiH4-He
    Doping Gases  AsH3、PH3、GeH4、B2H6、AsCl3、AsF3、H2S、BF3、BCl3、
    Crystal growth  SiH4、SiHCl3、SiCl4、B2H6、BCl3、AsH3、PH3、GeH4、Ar、He、H2
    Gas phase etching  Cl2、HCl、HF、HBr、SF6
    Plasma etching SiF4、CF4、C3F8、CHF3、C2F6、NF3、SF6、BCl3、N2、Ar、He
    Ion Beam Etching C3F8、CHF3、CClF3、CF4 
    Ion implantation  AsF3、PF3、PH3、BF3、BCl3、SiF4、SF6、N2、H2
    CVD Gases SiH4、SiH2Cl2、SiCl4、NH3、NO、O2
    Diluent Gases N2、Ar、He、H2、CO2、N2O、O2
    Doping Gases  SiH4、SiCl4、Si2H6、HCl、PH3、AsH3、B2H6、N2、Ar、He、H2

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