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Germane GeH4
Germane GeH4
Germane GeH4

Germane GeH4

    CAS No.: 7782-65-2

    EINECS No.:231-961-6

    UN No.: UN2192

    Purity: 99.999%

    Dot Class: 2.3+2.1

    Appearance: Colorless, Flammable gas, Toxic

    Grade Standard: Semiconductor grade 

Specification 99.999%
Oxygen + Argon ≤0.5 ppmv
Nitrogen≤2.0 ppmv
Carbon Dioxide≤2.0 ppmv
Carbon Monoxide≤1.0 ppmv
Methane≤1.0 ppmv
Water ≤1.0 ppmv
Chlorogermanes≤5.0 ppmv
Digermane≤20.0 ppmv
Germoxanes≤5.0 ppmv
Hydrogen≤50.0 ppmv
Trigermane ≤1.0 ppmv


The gas decomposes near 600K to germanium and hydrogen. Because of its thermal lability, germane is used in the semiconductor industry for the epitaxial growth of germanium by MOVPE or chemical beam epitaxy.


Package model: gas cylinder

Valve type: DISS 632

Pressure: 2200PSIG

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