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Carbon Dioxide, CO2, or Super-gas?

Aug 30, 2016

Most people outside the industrial gas industry are familiar with Carbon Dioxide, CO2, as the bubbles in soft drinks and as the chemical in fire extinguishers. CO2 is used in more forms than any other gas in the industrial gas market making it one of the most versatile products sold.

Brief History

CO2 was discovered in the early 1600’s as the off gas of burning wood by Jan Baptista von Helmont, a scientist in Finland. In the mid 1700’s a chemist in England, Joseph Priestly, found that mixing water and CO2 being expended from a fermentation process created sparkling water which gave the water a different taste and became the basis for the soft drink industry.

One of the properties of the gas that was discovered was how easily it could be liquefied. This resulted in it becoming the first commercial industrial gas to be supplied as a packaged gas. As more was understood, CO2 became the only gas supplied and used in all three of its phases – gas, liquid and solid.

industrial gases manufacturer

Since we learn more about CO2, we may need high quality carbon dioxide. Our company is a industrial gases manufacturer, provides varies of gases including CO2 and so on.

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