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Hydrogen and its manufacturer

Sep 06, 2016

TYHJ offers liquid hydrogen and compressed hydrogen gas at a variety of concentrations and purities. Hydrogen (H2) is the most lightweight gas and has an extremely low ignition energy requirement, along with a clear flame when burning. Due to its low liquid density and high liquid temperature, hydrogen may be liquefied with the proper equipment and transported over great distances. Hydrogen has considerable potential as a clean energy source due to the fact that the combustion of H2 does not emit carbon dioxide.

High-purity hydrogen

High-purity hydrogen can be applied in several industries and applications including Chemical Synthesis, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Metal Production and Fabrication, Electronics, Aerospace, and even as a purging cooling agent in the generation of electric power.

TYHJ hydrogen purities reach Ultra Carrier and Research Grades with minimum purities of 99.9995 and 99.9999%, respectively, along with Ultra High Purity at 99.999% pure. These hydrogen products are utilized most often in gas chromatography, as both a carrier gas and as a flame support gas for flame ionization (FID) and flame photometric (FPD) detectors.

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