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The usage of HBr gas

Mar 15, 2019

Application of HBr:


1) Mainly used as a basic raw material for the production of various inorganic bromides and certain alkyl bromides such as sodium bromide, potassium bromide, lithium bromide, calcium bromide and methyl bromide, ethyl bromide, etc. Solvents, separating agents for alkoxy and phenoxy compounds, and catalysts for the oxidation of alicyclic and chain hydrocarbons to ketones, acids or peroxides.

2) Used in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of medicinal products such as sedatives and anesthetics.

3) Used as an alkylation catalyst in the petroleum industry.

4) It is also used as an analytical reagent for the determination of sulfur, selenium, arsenic, zinc and iron, as well as the separation of tin from arsenic and antimony.



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