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The application of Hydrogen Sulfide

Mar 28, 2019
  1. 1. Manufacture high purity sulfur

  2. 2. In the mechanical industry, hydrogen sulfide is used in the treatment of cemented carbide inserts and in the diesel cylinder liner ion sulphurizing process.

  3. 3. In the electronics industry, high purity hydrogen sulfide is used in the manufacture of large scale integrated circuits and in the production of color picture tube phosphors.

  4. 4. Production of thiourea CS (NH2) 2

  5. 5. To produce methionine

  6. 6. Production of sulfide

  7. 7. Production of methyl mercaptan (CH3SH) is mainly used in medicine, pesticide, dye and feed industries

  8. 8. The production of ethyl sulphur (CH3CH2SH) should be used as an important intermediate for antibacterial agent 40L, organophosphorus pesticides such as pesticide phorate, ethion and phosphorus, and as an odorant for reagents and municipal fuel gas.

  9. 9. Production of organic synthesis intermediates hydrogen sulfide can be reacted with other chemicals to synthesize organic intermediates

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