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Several batches of Ethylene are encased and shipped to destination

Jan 24, 2019

The application of Ethylene:
1. Industrial field
1) Ethylene is a basic chemical raw material for synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, synthetic plastics (polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride), synthetic ethanol (alcohol) and acetaldehyde.
2) Automotive glass (auto glass)
3) Metal cutting, welding and high speed thermal spraying
4) Refrigerant, especially in liquefied natural gas liquefaction plants
2. Agricultural field
1) Promote the growth and maturity of stem and leaf fruits of agricultural products, break the dormancy of plant seeds and buds, inhibit the flowering of many plants (but induce and promote the flowering of pineapple and its genus), and change in early flower development in dioecious plants The direction of sex differentiation of flowers, etc.
2) Fruit ripening (Advantage: Safe and harm-free, timely ripening to ensure the freshness of the fruit to bring greater benefits)

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