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The properties of specialty gases Ethylene

Mar 21, 2018

Specialty gases Ethylene is explosive at high concentrations.

At 27,000 ppm, just a spark can ignite specialty gases Ethylene and cause a deadly explosion. We have an entire section of our web site devoted to the explosions that can result from excessive ethylene: ethylene explosions. However, when using our products as directed, reaching the explosive level is not possible. The explosive level is about 200 times greater than the level necessary to initiate ripening. Always use our generators in ripening rooms that are 1600 ft3 or larger (45 m3).

Specialty gases C2H4 is used to 'degreen' citrus.

This is a natural process that triggers pigment changes: the loss of green peel color by removing the chlorophyll, which allows the orange or yellow to fully cover the entire peel. No loss of flavor is caused; this is merely a continuation of the natural plant process.

Specialty gases C2H4

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